If You Think It
by Linda Sauget      

If you think it by Linda SaugetWelcome to my website!
I'm Linda Sauget, author of If You Think It.

About my latest book, If You Think It

The greatest thinkers, teachers, and philosophers all agree on one important lesson: our thoughts create our life. What we think about comes about.

If You Think It reminds us that our lives move in the direction of our thoughts. Are you predominantly optimistic or pessimistic? Positive or negative?

We may not know which came first, the chicken or the egg. But we do know this: first comes thought, then comes results. It may be counterintuitive, but what happens to us does not color our view of the world. Our view of the world colors what happens to us.

Understanding that one small point can change everything.

That is the power and importance of this teaching.

Thought Precedes Results

If you would like to inspire and motivate your organization, contact Linda to discuss an empowering presentation focusing on possibility thinking.  Remember, thought precedes results.   

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