If You Think It
by Linda Sauget      

Our thoughts filter and interpret everything we see. The looking glass we use to see the world is made up of what we think. Our thoughts come first whether we realize it or not. Some people think our attitude and world view are the result of our experiences, but the exact opposite is true. Thought creates experience rather than experience creating thought. Thought comes first even though it may seem the other way around.

There are always several ways to view any situation, even negative ones. The situation may not change but our attitudes can change. As Wayne Dyer says, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

We create our own life through our thoughts. This concept crosses genres, religions, and geographic regions from hundreds of years before the birth of Christ right up to today. We choose our focus, reactions, and actions, all according to our thoughts and beliefs.

From Confucius to Wayne Dyer, from William James to Anthony Robbins, this universal message echoes through the ages. If You Think It serves as an empowering reminder to think positively.